Employing a mix of multimedia and digital, Ana Vujovic’s work explores the post-analogue experience – society’s interactions with the digital world and its relationship to our roots of traditional heritage. Vujovic scrutinizes and examines marginalized part of the society through combination of multidisciplinary sound and light installations, and in her most recent works through multimedia objects, how we encounter and understand the hypocrisy of society and deformed values that, contrary to the advancement of technology, are taking civilization a step back.

Ana Vujović

photo by Vania Broccoli

LIVE / WORK Belgrade, Serbia
EDUCATION 2005 M.A. in painting, Academy of Fine Arts, University of Belgrade, Serbia

2017 By the Book, U10 Art space, Belgrade, Serbia
2017 The Future is Repeated, Student's City Cultural Center, Belgrade
2016 Künstlerhaus Stadttöpferei, Neumünster, Germany
2016 Canonatra, Gallery DOB, Belgrade, Serbia
2012 Multisensual images, Gallery IPC, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina
2010 Multisensual images, Gallery of contemporary art, Pančevo, Serbia
2010 Multisensual images, Gallery of cultural centre Požega, Serbia
2009 Multisensual images, Cultural centre Rex, Belgrade, Serbia
2008 Color of Sound, Gallery DOB, Belgrade, Serbia
2007 Master diploma exhibition, Center for visual research, Beograd, Serbia

2018 COCOA, Homo Sacer, Conzano, Italy
2018 Shape and Space, GIR, Belgrade, Serbia
2017 International exhibition "Shelters of Babylon", Kibla, Maribor, Slovenia
2017 Annual exhibition of "Tandem" residency program, Neumünster, Germany
2016 International Triennial of extended media, Belgrade, Serbia
2015 Golden Pen, the 13th International Biennial of illustration, Belgrade, Serbia
2014 Reanimation, KC Fabric, Novi Sad, Serbia
2013 Graphite, material and energy ,Prodajna gallery of Belgrade, Serbia
2012 Serbian Contemporary Artists Reveal, Beograd, Serbia
2012 International festival Sarajevo, "Sarajevo winter" Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina
2011 Multi - medial festival, "Sound and Vision", Majdanpek, Serbia
2011 Multi - medial festival, "Zalet", Zaječar, Serbia
2010 New members of ULUS, Belgrade, Serbia
2010 New technologies, Gallery of contemporary art, Pančevo, Serbia
2010 Changeable landscape, gallerija Otklon, Beograd, Serbia
2008 International biennial of miniatur, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia
2007 Exhibition of drawings, Mijanmar, Burma
2005 International biennial of miniatur, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia
2004 Exhibition of drawings, Cultural centre Studentski Grad, Beograd, Serbia
2003 EGO, Old turkish bathroom, Thessaloniki, Greece
2002 Exhibition of drawings, Thessaloniki, Greece

2018 Artist Residency, Belgium
2017 Artegiro Artist Residency and Curatorial Program, Conzano, Italy
2016 Künstlerhaus Stadttöpferei, Neumünster, Germany
2015 Bricolage Lab, Experimental Design Camp, Belgrade, Serbia
2014 Graphic art colony, artist in residency program, Serbia
2003 Erasmus, exchange student program, Aristotle university,Thessaloniki, Greece

2016 Portfolio Review - Künstlerhaus Stadttöpferei, Neumünster, Germany

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